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International Insurance

We have partnered with WellAway, a provider of international life, health, and travel insurance products, to offer innovative coverage solutions worldwide to businesses, government entities, and individuals.

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Included in WellAway’s suite of international, individual health plans is the OBRE, which has Gold and Platinum benefit options, five deductible choices, and maternity and dental & vision riders. ORBE is ideal for non-US citizens seeking comprehensive global health insurance protection. 

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WellAway also offers VidaPass, a guaranteed-issue individual term life insurance plan, for non-US citizens working outside their home countries. It has three coverage choices, US$13,000, US$22,500, and US$35,000, and pays the proceeds of claims to named beneficiaries in the home countries of insured members.

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Are you an insurance agent or broker, and would you like to join the WellAway international sales team? If yes:

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International Reinsurance

Through our relationship with an international reinsurance provider, we can arrange for clients' reinsurance needs to be met for the following insurance product lines:

  • Major Medical Expenses & Comprehensive Health
  • Critical Illness
  • High Cost Illness
  • Long-Term Care Due to Accident
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Group Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment